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A small project I did in collaboration with friends a few years back. We split a small story up into three separate pieces and each made games based on our piece. The first piece saw our protagonist, Elwood, steal an artifact from his best friend and sneak away to hide in an abandoned mine.

This game, which is technically part two of three, sees Elwood try to escape the mine. When he came in, it was completely empty, but now that he's on his way out, the area seems to be filled with monsters. How could this happen? Are they real? Is the artifact creating illusions? Or is his guilt causing him to hallucinate? Make your way through the mine and find out for yourself!

QUICK NOTE: This is a turn-based RPG with the difficulty setting turned as low as possible. I love a challenge as much as the next person, but my friends and I made these games specifically for our friends who weren't gamers.

Install instructions

Extract folder and run Elwood.exe


Elwood.zip 12 MB

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